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GAM Counseling

Dedicated to Providing Quality, Effective, and Efficient Substance Abuse / Behavioral Health Care

Substance Abuse / Behavioral Health Treatment Services


G.A.M.  is a comprehensive, substance abuse/mental/behavioral health treatment program that encourages, challenges, and promotes the health and quality of life for our community members



GAM Counseling provides:



  • Substance Abuse Treatment 

  • Mental/Behavioral Health Treatment

  • Assessment/Evaluation

  • Intensive Outpatient/Outpatient Treatment

  • Early Intervention

  • Individual/Group Therapy

  •  DWI Education  12 Hours (6 weekly two hour classes) 

GAM Counseling Provide
Services To:  


  • Adults

  • Teens

  • Families 

We're Dedicated ​to Helping People Regardless of The Situation One May Find Themselves In.

Better Care Starts with You!


“They made me feel good about myself ,and gave me the help that i needed...Because of Gam Counceling  i Now make the right decisions regarding my health and Well being. ”


Audrey Sellers


“ At first i was not sure if i could do the things they surgested ,but i did ,after all it was for my own good

i must admit  i gave them a hard time at first .


Arthur Milton

“I prayed every day for help, i kept going around in circles.Then one day while walking i met a old friend ,after explaining my trials and tribulations gave me a number to call


Betty Taylor


“ Thank God for Gam Counseling ...My Prayers was answered.  .”


Ralph Pearlman